What is PlatePass?

PlatePass is an automated toll payment solution that enables Budget Truck Rental customers to use cashless toll collection lanes or all-electronic toll roads and bridges.

In transponder tolling regions:

  • An E-ZPass transponder (and PlatePass shield box) is required to use cashless tollways. Tolls are assessed when the radio frequency signal collects toll information from the transponder mounted to the windshield of the truck.

In license plate tolling regions:

  • Tolls are assessed when the toll authority’s technology obtains a photo of the truck’s license plate. No additional equipment is required in the truck to use cashless tollways.

How much does PlatePass cost?

  • Customers will be billed $3.95 per rental day plus the cost of each toll with a maximum fee charge of $19.75 per rental agreement
  • Customers are charged the daily PlatePass fee ($3.95) for each day of the rental, until maximum fee is reached, whether tolls are incurred that day or not.

Where is PlatePass available?

  • PlatePass customers in Budget Trucks are covered in transponder tolling regions, on tollways marked with E-ZPass or I-PASS signs.


  • PlatePass customers in Budget Truck Rentals are covered on all-electronic tollways in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Northern California (Bay Area Bridges), Texas and Washington.


  • All-electronic tollways are indicated with toll authority signage.

What if a customer does not wish to use PlatePass?

  • In transponder tolling regions, customers must ensure PlatePass transponder box is securely closed.
  • Customers must pay cash for all tolls where available OR use a personal transponder that is functioning, fully funded and compatible with the toll road.
  • If customers incur tolls on all-electronic toll roads without using a personal transponder, they will be automatically enrolled in PlatePass.

Which tollways do not offer the option to pay for tolls with cash?

Golden Gate Bridge
SR 73
SR 133
SR 241
SR 261

I-25 Express
I-70 Express
Northwest Parkway
US 36 Express

Airport Expressway (SR 112)
Broad/Harbor Island Causeway
Dolphin Expressway (SR 836)
Don Shula Expressway (SR 874)
Gratigny Parkway (SR 924)
Homestead Extension (HEFT)
I-595 Express
I-95 Express
Lee Roy Selmon Expressway
Mid-Bay Bridge
Orchard Pond Parkway
Rickenbacker Causeway
Sawgrass Expressway
Snapper Creek (SR 878)
Venetian Causeway
Veterans Expressway
Wekiva Parkway (SR 429)

I-75 South Metro Express Lanes
I-85 Express Lanes

Elgin O’Hare Expressway
I-294/I-57 Interchange
Jane Addams Memorial Tollway

Abraham Lincoln Bridge
East End Bridge
JFK Memorial Bridge

Intercounty Connector

Boston Extension
Callahan & Sumner Tunnels
Massachusetts Turnpike
Maurice J. Tobin Bridge
Ted Williams Tunnel

New York
Bayonne Bridge
Henry Hudson Bridge
Hugh L. Carey Tunnel
Queens-Midtown Tunnel
Tappan Zee Bridge

Addison Airport Toll Tunnel
Airport Connector
Central Texas Turnpike
Dallas North Tollway
Fort Bend Parkway
Hardy Toll Road
I-635/I-35 Connector
Katy Managed Lanes
Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge
Loop 49
Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway
Manor Expressway (US 290)
Mountain Creek Lake Toll Bridge
President George Bush Turnpike
Sam Houston Tollway
Sam Rayburn Tollway
State Highway 71
State Highway 99
State Highway 130 Segments 5 & 6
State Highway 249 (Tomball Tollway)
State Highway 255
State Highway 550
Westpark Tollway

Downtown Tunnel
Midtown Tunnel
Veterans Bridge

I-405 Express Lanes
SR 520 Bridge

Can customers use a personal transponder to pay in cashless lanes?

  • Yes, a customer can use their own transponder if it is compatible with the toll road and the account has sufficient funds.
  • If the customer’s transponder registers with the toll authority, a photo of the license plate will not be taken and PlatePass will not activate.

What happens if customers use tollways not covered by PlatePass?

  • Customers must pay cash or use a personal transponder compatible with the road.
  • If customers do not pay for tolls with cash or a transponder, they will be issued a toll violation.
  • PlatePass is not available on tollways in Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Southern California or Utah.

What are all-electronic tollways?

  • All-electronic toll roads and bridges operate using 100% electronic toll collection (also known as Open Road Tolling).
  • Drivers using all-electronic tollways do NOT have the option to pay tolls with cash.
  • Drivers using all-electronic tollways may see signs indicating vehicles without a compatible transponder will be billed for tolls by mail by the local toll authority, HOWEVER, toll authorities are unable to bill Budget Truck Rental customers directly.

What internet browsers are supported by budgettruck.platepass.com

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